How is the Yellow PagesTM Print Directory Distributed?

How is the Yellow PagesTM Print Directory Distributed?

At YPG, one of the toughest jobs is the distribution of the print Yellow PagesTM directory. I have tried it out several times and fully appreciate how difficult it is. It’s not only a physical feat of strength but also demands focus and attention to determine the right amount of books to be delivered to the right address based on our delivery records.

We do not distribute directories ourselves. We hire professional distribution companies to do it (this is standard in the industry). They are responsible for hiring local staff including charitable groups and people looking for extra money to deliver the directories to households and businesses across Canada. It requires frequent re-training as turn-over is quite frequent due to the yearly schedule and a degree of precision that isn’t common among jobs at this level. It is often seen an entry-level job.

We are often criticized for our distribution. People often don’t realize that any given day of the year, we are distributing books somewhere in Canada. So it is a constant challenge to do it flawlessly. We have to deal with issues around directories ending up buried under the snow leading to the occasional snowblower incident or soaked by the rain in spite of its protective bag.

At times, there may be some that end up sitting in lobbies or on front porches, untouched. As we don’t want to distribute our directories to those who don’t want them, we’ve developed an Opt-Out system  Opt-out requests are clearly identified in the distribution lists and every distributor must initial each request indicating that a directory has not been distributed at a given location.

For more information, you can consult our Yellow Pages directory distribution policy on the environmental section of our corporate web site.

At the end of the day, responsible distribution remains YPG’s responsibility. We take it very seriously. So if you see any discrepancy with our distribution, email us at, so that we can address the situation.


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