How We’ve Opened up Our Business!

How We’ve Opened up Our Business!

In September 2010, we started what can now be called the ‘API Excellent Adventure’. We launched YPG’s public, open-platform API and an accompanying web portal, created for app developers looking to add rich local Canadian content into their websites and mobile apps.

Sweet! But what is an API?

The concept of an API might seem complex at first, but the basic principles are easy to understand.

In the past, our local content was secured behind a wall and not accessible, only available to those partners inside the YPG ecosystem.

Today, this content is open, free and available to anyone. YellowAPI grants app developers a key to the door to 1.5 million authenticated local business listings. Access is granted in a secured and monitored environment.

mesh2011 in Toronto – May 25 & 26, 2011

Fairly Simple! But Why Would We Offer Our Data For Free?

It is a creative and innovative way for YPG to offer greater visibility to its advertisers and all of their important listing information (ie: address, number, photos, videos, ratings, etc). Not only are advertisers visible in the print, online and mobile products of YPG, but they are now displayed in 3rd party applications and other external platforms not directly associated with YPG.

OK, but I need some examples…

Poynt, a Canadian company, designed a mobile local search application where when you do a search for business, people or restaurant, the data is pulled from YellowAPI so the searches are in effect powered by

Where, a US-based mobile app expanded their reach to Canada by integrating results from (via YellowAPI) to the whereCONNECT application.

IAMS (pet food by Proctor & Gamble) created a mobile website which helps pet owners find additional pet services around them such a veterinarians, dog groomers, etc., with the data coming from YellowAPI.

To date, over 1,000developers have signed up to our portal, with more than 30 apps being created and are now live online or in various app stores (ie: Apple iTunes, AndroidMarket, etc.), generating millions of searches every month for YPG.

And that’s not all! Stay tuned for further information in upcoming posts…



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