It’s here! Our blog is finally going live!

It’s here! Our blog is finally going live!

We’re very excited and quite eager to start what will be a new journey for YPG. We’ve never had a company blog before, and now is the time to get to it and give a voice to the talented people internally that have something to say.

YPG is a formidable organization. I’ve grown and learned tremendously over the past eight years with this company. The traditional phonebook publisher I joined in 2002 is long, long gone. We are now a leading digital company working day in day out to help hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses succeed in this digital era. Some might see us as dinosaurs but let us show you we’re all but a thing of the past.

Over the past year more specifically, we’ve been too often missing out on opportunities to express who we are today and our views on the transforming media landscape. As we continue to transform and redefine ourselves, we want to share our opinion on what’s going on in our world. I would be remiss not to mention all the myths surrounding our business and its environmental impact. We have something to say about that too.

Truth is, we’re actually a pretty different company than what you might think and we hope through this blog we can give you an idea of just how much.

We’re big fans of healthy discussions so we hope you enjoy our posts, but more importantly, that we engage into an ongoing dialogue about the good, the bad…and the funny stuff!

We’re throwing back the curtain with the goal of giving you a glimpse in yellow.

Happy reading.


  1. Annie Marsolais

    Annie Marsolais

    Thanks for your comment and for noticing our early start on our blog! Keep on coming.

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