Yellow Pages Group’s FREE Seminar Series Offers Online Marketing Tips to SMBs

Yellow Pages Group’s FREE Seminar Series Offers Online Marketing Tips to SMBs

Yellow Pages Group kicked off its second Online Marketing Seminar Series on October 13, 2011 in Ottawa, in the capital city’s stunning Chateau Laurier hotel. We will be holding more seminars – fun and completely free of charge – in Halifax, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Mississauga between now and the end of fall.

We decided to bring back the seminars following the overwhelming success of our first series in spring, and the positive feedback we received from participating small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who were looking for expert advice and practical work tools to break into and better understand the Online Marketing industry. We found that 40 percent of participants (made up of mainly SMB owners and executives) didn’t yet have a company website. So our goal with these talks is to showcase the potential of online marketing and to help businesses maximize their visibility so that they can be top-of-mind for consumers ready to make a purchase.

The first of our expert speakers at this first fall seminar was Tracy Smith, Vice President of Performance Marketing & Go-To-Market at Yellow Pages Group. His presentation, “Driving Success with Digital Marketing,” highlighted the major trends small businesses should be keeping an eye out for such as mobile marketing, social media, group buying and search engine marketing.

Next up was Bill Barnes, VP of Business Development at Mediative, a Yellow Pages Group company that addresses the national market for global brands. His talk focused on ways to optimize the content of a website with SEO in order to rank higher in search engines like Yahoo!, Google and Bing. He offered the audience a comprehensive set of tips and tools on search engine marketing (SEM), where choosing the right keywords is essential to a cost-effective campaign.

Just like the first series, participants responded extremely positively to the seminar. Ottawa advertiser Joe Devlin, who offers property maintenance services to commercial and residential customers, told our staff that he came into the experience knowing very little about the online world and left understanding how important it is to business today, motivated to learn more. “Customers are going online much more to look for businesses,” he said. “I’m not really a computer person but I’m going to spend the rest of the day browsing the Internet for more information.”

Michel Lajoie, a Hull-based photographer and long-time Yellow PagesTM advertiser, was also inspired by the talks, which he said made him want to explore the world of marketing beyond print. “I need to build a website for people to see my work,” he said. “Around 90 percent of my clientele is composed of new clients, and more and more of them are searching online.”

Zamana Kinkela – a Hull-based advertiser whose company, Gestion Ciga, offers outsourcing services in management – told our team that because there are so many options when it comes to online marketing, it can be overwhelming. “This free seminar is a great idea because it helps us understand where to start,” Kinkela said. “What I learned is that I have to fully understand my business and recognize my needs, then look into the best options to answer those needs. I like the idea of the Yellow Pages 360° Solution; it’s an all-in-one package where everyone can pick what’s best for their company.”

To see the full schedule for our upcoming, not-to-be-missed seminars, go to Participants will also have the opportunity to meet with our expert speakers at the end of each event, to ask questions or give comments on the talks. We look forward to seeing you all there soon!


  1. Michael


    Well its about time this company started promoting itself in a positive way. In the past four months it was all bad news on top of bad news. Going face to face with the customer base to enhance knowledge and develop better relationships is exactly what this company needs to be doing. Although the number of cities where this is taking place is rather small, there should be three times as many locations where this event is taking place.

    • Zelia Lefebvre

      Zelia Lefebvre

      Thanks Michael for your comment. Rest assured that this Seminar Series is taking place in multiple cities across Canada. For this fall edition, we have already done presentations in Ottawa and Halifax (today) and will soon be doing some in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Mississauga. In our spring edition of the Seminar Series, we had done presentations in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.
      In addition, people in other cities have access to the presentations online via a webcast, which we’re promoting across the country. Here’s the link to register:

  2. Jack Pan

    Jack Pan

    I am interesting your seminar on November 16 at Mississauga. Would you please tell me the detailed time and location? Thanks!

    • Zelia Lefebvre

      Zelia Lefebvre

      Hi Jack,
      Thanks for your interest in our seminars!
      The seminar in Mississauga will take place on November 16th, starting at 7:30 (breakfast will be served) at the Novotel Toronto Mississauga Centre (3670 Hurontario St).
      Registration and information here >>

    • Zelia Lefebvre

      Zelia Lefebvre

      Hi Christopher, thanks for your interest in our seminars!
      There won’t be any seminars this winter, but stay tuned for spring 2012. Until then you can catch the Seminar’s Webcast for free, right here:

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