There’s no shortage of passionate people at YPG!

There’s no shortage of passionate people at YPG!

That's what I like to say when trying to explain to friends and family just how enthusiastic and committed my Yellow Pages Group colleagues are.

So it's not surprising, in an environment where we have to deal with adversity, that we are all ready to roll up our sleeves and come together as a team.

In fact, we are currently looking for passionate, talented and dynamic candidates to take part in our company's transformation.

Many of the candidates we meet in interviews tell us they chose our company because it ranks among the country's best employers.

Well, for a sixth consecutive year, Yellow Pages Group has been named one of Canada's Top 100 Employers for the 2012 edition. Again this year, we stood out for our flexible work schedules, our education promotion program which offers employees bursaries of $1,000 per year and our Learning Portal, a web-based learning centre accessible 24/7, offering more than 500 free courses, based on numerous competencies ranging from technical skills to business skills and soft skills!

Colleagues within my team take part in preparing our application package. And every year, when I look back at what we've accomplished, not only am I really proud of what I see, I am truly inspired!

And doesn't inspiration lead beyond excellence?

Come to think of it, that's what we are looking for too: inspired candidates who can inspire others!

Do you know anyone? If so, tell them to apply online at… and remember to mention that there's no shortage of passionate people at Yellow Pages Group!


Josee Dubuc

Josée Dubuc Chief Talent Officer
She has been actively involved in transforming this dynamic and growth-oriented organization.

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