What does a Community Manager do at Yellow Pages Group?

What does a Community Manager do at Yellow Pages Group?

Many of you wonder what my work consists of at Yellow Pages Group (YPG). I am the Community Manager for the Life in Yellow blog and have been involved in social media scene for quite some time.  I developped a taste for it in the days when the musical platform Myspace was popular and I used to promote events, ages ago. A Community Manager acts as a moderator and makes sure that every message respects our netiquette and that your comments add to the discussion. In such instances, I am an ardent defender of open and respectful dialogue that is sincere and authentic. On a daily basis, I represent the YPG brand on Facebook, Twitter and a few other social media networks. I also monitor daily what is being said about us online and I engage in conversations when necessary. Working in social media can be perceived as a dream job however it is a serious business to represent such a well-established brand. When I first started at Yellow Pages Group, I soon realized that getting participants to exchange with us on our social media platforms was not a given. That is why I try to encourage fruitful exchanges by sharing pertinent content and answering your comments as much as possible in order to build up our community of followers. And it’s working! Facebook and Twitter clearly offer great discussion opportunities, but it’s with our blogLife in Yellow that we wish to tell our story... in more than 140 characters. It is a space where you can get to know us and learn more about our activities and trends within our industry. And finally - just to clarify - Life in Yellow is not a financial blog. Although we have been commenting on recent financial news, it is not the purpose of this blog. If you would like more information on YPG Investor Relations, please refer to the IR section of our website at: www.ypg.com/en/investors or email: IR.info@ypg.com. I look forward to our next discussion....


  1. Jason


    Thanks Zelia for the post.

    My only Issue with your post and the company in general is that you are not responding to negative publicity – as a community manager you should Start Responding to the Negative Publicity.

    Everywhere one turns right now, there is something negative being said about YPG by industry pundits, analysts and even shareholders (If you need the facts please listen to Q1 shareholder meeting and Q2 call). Yet, YPG has done little to change the dialogue. The company needs to get its marketing and public relations in line and start improving the view of its brands. If it doesn’t, it will continue to see its perception fade in the minds of both consumers as an old yellow pages company.

    That is my 2 cent and I hope the company is successful in it is business and debt repayment.

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