What exactly is Owned Marketing?

What exactly is Owned Marketing?

Previously I outlined the basic principles of Online Marketing.  This post will focus on Owned Marketing and what you really control.

What is Owned marketing? What do you really control?

The first item that you manage completely is your web site. You can determine its look, which should be in line with your in-store positioning, and it’s content. Your site should reflect your business dynamics and provide weekly and even daily updates. It should not be considered as a flyer that is updated every season... Choosing what content is relevant for your site and managing to post these updates while balancing your daily activities is a challenge...that can easily be overcome with a few simple tips.

It’s good to understand that any content that you add to your site will improve its search engine ranking, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For optimal online visibility, seek help from a SEO specialist – both when creating your website and later on as an ongoing consultation. This regular updating is especially important since search engines rely on algorithms that constantly evolve. The same rules apply for a mobile version of your web site.

Product Catalogue Your catalogue is content that is very important to have on your website. So once you have established an SEO strategy for your site, you should then consider adding your product catalogue, if you have one. It should showcase your full product line and change periodically; a catalogue with just the best sellers isn’t enough. This will make it easier for your potential customers to search your product content online while helping your SEO ranking.

News In addition, any news that you publicly issue on behalf of your company should be found on your site. This may include communication on a product launch or a new product line.  A visitor will notice if your site is regularly updated or not - giving him a reason to come back on a regular basis.

Blog A blog is another way to optimize your web site. It may not be necessary to issue an opinion on everything; however your company’s values and potential stance on industry issues can be effectively communicated via this channel. More importantly, a blog will help you get closer to your customers with the proper approach.

Email Newsletter or Bulletin Your e-mail newsletter or bulletin is additional web site content that you control. If you do not have one, you should seriously consider creating one since it‘s a great way to reach out to your audience.

Social Media Finally, your social media presence is also 100% within your control. You should take advantage of your social presence to promote new content and sales on your site. To kick start your social media impact; consider hiring a social media specialist. With the proper training, your SM specialist can provide best practices, establish a strategy, create meaningful content and manage comments. It’s best to handle social media in-house since nobody will speak better of your products and services than a member of your team. More importantly you’re typically in a better position to quickly and clearly answer questions. For addition tips on the topic, click here.

Now that you have a few examples of content that you control, you should have a better idea on what you can add to your site to make it current, interesting for your customers and effective in search engine ranking.

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