Yellow Pages Was Built for Mobile

Yellow Pages Was Built for Mobile

At Yellow Pages Group, we see the smartphone platform as an extension of our business model. We help people find the services and products they need, when they need them. And mobile devices are the ultimate tool to do just that: always on, always with us and able to pinpoint exactly where we are at a given moment.

Since mid-2009, we’ve invested significantly in our mobile portfolio.  Our mobile app is now available across all major platforms, namely iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry,  Android, and Windows Phone 7 (check it out at  We’ve also optimized the mobile version of the website (

And we’ve seen rapid success with mobile. Our app topped the iTunes App Store’s rankings, named #1 Productivity app by Apple in its 2010 Rewind ranking.

Our apps have been downloaded approximately 2.5 million times so far but more importantly, they aren’t just sitting in smart phones after download. People are using them...a lot. In fact, currently 30% of searches in Canada are coming from mobile devices.

Mobile is rapidly becoming the new mass media. It’s no longer just a phenomenon limited to the young, urban crowd. Consider this:

  • The number of mobile Internet users will surpass desktop Internet users by 2014*.
  • More than half of mobile devices sold are smartphones.
  • According to ComScore**, smart phone penetration in Canada represents 32.8% of mobile subscribers.
  • For, 1 in 3 searches are conducted on a mobile device.

Not only that, but mobile is home to an extremely primed audience, who often look to their phones as their new navigators and advisors for everyday situations such as directions or finding goods and services. Think about it. Chances are you’ve probably gone to your phone to quickly jump on the Internet while standing in the aisle of the local electronics store for some peer advice before buying that new camera.

At the end of the day, at YPG, we aim to address two very clear needs for the smartphone audience: access to information about a given place of business and getting them the info they need to make the crucial decision about what product or service they’re going to buy.

I’ve always said Yellow Pages was built for mobile, and boy have we grown this platform in a relatively short period of time. We’re still that same gateway to finding local goods and services. Except now, we go where you go.

Stay tuned. More apps and features from YPG coming to a phone near you.


*Mary Meeker – Morgan Stanley **ComScore MobileLens


  1. John S

    John S

    How come you don’t beef up the website ? It looks pretty ordinary to me. Maybe make it more like the Yellow Pages phone book with a map of Canada, the provinces, etc. Change the coloring scheme and give it some nice graphical sophistication, like As you know, presentation is everything in your business….

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