Analyze and improve your web presence

Analyze and improve your web presence

There’s a famous part in the 1999 movie “Analyze This!” staring Robert DeNiro that illustrates the importance of having a web presence (even back then), it goes like this:

Dominic: “Times are changing. You've got to change with the times. Boss Paul Vitti: What, am I supposed to get a website?”

That was 12 years ago... Now, as you can imagine, being searchable online and analyzing your web performance has significantly evolved. My name is Carl Rioux. I am the Senior Manager of Marketing Performance at Yellow Pages Group (YPG) and a passionate SEO, SEM, marketing and social media blogger. Today, I’m writing about how to analyze your online success – because like it or not, this is how people find out about you and your business.

In today’s online marketing world, having a website is an important starting point. It enables your business to display a virtual “We’re Open” sign. But what’s a website or open sign on your front door if no one sees it? According to New Media Trend Watch, 79.2% of Canadians spend 42 hours online each month (March 2011) – that’s a big chunk of the population. Smartphone usage has also gone up – a third of Canadians now own a smartphone and 63 percent use it to search for businesses at least once a week * Since 2006, mobile ad spending has increased from 1.4 billion to over 11 billion – and we can expect 2012 to be even stronger!

Websites have evolved, and in order to be successful and improve your online marketing, your website must correspond to today’s online trends. The question then becomes: how do you know if you’re successfully getting your “We’re Open” sign seen?

  1. Track everything with reports – You must be able to know exactly what is working and not working in regards to your online marketing efforts. Namely, you need to understand where your traffic comes from, what keywords work best or which content gets the most attention. This will guide you in determining where to allocate more funds or in identifying where you need to correct course.


Know Your Return on Investment (ROI) – Calculating ROI is not a simple thing to do, but with the right method it’s perfectly achievable! It helps in assessing if you’re investing your time and your money wisely and it helps ensure the long term growth and profitability of your business.

As a performance media company, showcasing the return of investment for advertisers has always been one of our priorities, and ROI is at the heart of our day-to-day reality. This is why we have recently introduced Yellow Pages Analytics™, a real time analytics reporting platform that can be accessed 24/7 to view all of a given advertiser’s Yellow Pages™ marketing campaigns under one roof! From calls and clicks to emails…we track it all.

As we always did with print, advertisers using our digital solution can now track their success with in-depth live reporting, measurable results and ROI with regards to their advertising solution on™, mobile, as well as with YPG services such as search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), or websites creation and management. Not only do we believe in the leads our Yellow Pages™ 360° Solution can generate for advertisers, but we’re more than happy to showcase it with in depth reports!

*Ipsos Reid, May 2011


  1. Pam Sullivan

    Pam Sullivan

    Great article! This stresses the importance of not only having a website, but understanding how it is working for you. By understanding how people are landing on your website and what they are searching for, advertisers can take this information and update their website to help ensure maximum results and greater ROI! Yellow Pages Analyics can also help advertisers with their online presence. By using these reports, advertisers can get a better understanding of how their potential clients are searching which in turn can provide a greater insight for relevant keywords, seasonality of search patterns etc and also identify opportunies for other online advertising options such as SEM.

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