Delivering local news, economy and businesses via map

Delivering local news, economy and businesses via map

At Yellow Pages Group we are always excited to see new and interesting ways that developers are using to integrate YellowAPI (our publicly available API of Canadian local businesses) into consumer applications. Recently launched by CBC (yes, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation) is a beta site in Hamilton to deliver information in a very hyperlocal way to its users. The site features local news, twitter streams, blog posts, traffic updates and business search by all delivered on a map. This great initiative is completely in line with Yellow Pages  Group’s goal of fostering and promoting all that is local, to give local businesses the opportunity to capitalize on digital marketing. Check it out

Here are some screenshots:

Home page of CBC Hamilton

News on a Map

Local Search on a Map

We applaud CBC's development team for launching this site and testing a different way to delivery content for users in Hamilton and selecting YellowAPI as the layer to power its local search results.

"CBC Hamilton is an important part of Strategy 2015 Everyone, Every Way.We are focused on enhancing and adding regional and cross-platform digital services to connect with Canadians more closely in the neighbourhoods in which they live, and we've enjoyed working with YellowAPI to help deliver that experience." Jon de la Mothe, Director, Media Innovation & Technology.

I am looking forward to seeing if CBC decides on a broader roll-out of this interface or what their next iteration will look like. Regardless of what CBC plans for the future of map delivery of news it is a great to see a major Canadian publisher experiment with new user interfaces.

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