Pinterest: the hottest new thing in the world of social media Part 2

Pinterest: the hottest new thing in the world of social media Part 2

Since my last post, I hope you had a chance to explore the Pinterest platform and discover its many advantages. Were you able to to see its potential and understand how it could be useful for your business? As you know, several local businesses are already benefiting from their presence on the platform. Some saw their traffic increase significantly and have decided to favour Pinterest before Facebook. As mentioned in a recent article in Advertising Age, the American magazine Real Simple noted that Pinterest reported more traffic than Facebook. Impressive, isn’t it?

According to Compete, between September and December 2011, single visits on Pinterest increased by 429%. The visitors did not only share a variety of images, but clicked on company website links. According to a bizrateinsights study, 32% of online consumers made a purchase after viewing an image on a site like Pinterest. Of these, 26% made a purchase after clicking on images presented on such sites.

There is every reason to believe that Pinterest can greatly benefit companies selling online. Everyone can create attractive pinboards and promote a company’s products and services. It is likely that these images will be shared among members and that the products will rapidly spread in the community! The ultimate goal: to make your content viral!

It is important to first ask yourself if this platform is right for your business. Do you produce image and video content of your products and services? Is this content hosted on your website? Are your customers on Pinterest? Do you have time and resources to ensure your presence on the platform? By looking closely at your traffic with tools like Google Analytics, do you notice your visitors access your site after visiting Pinterest? If you answered yes to most of these questions, Pinterest IS for you!

Several organizations of various sizes have chosen to jump on the Pinterest train. Close to home, the restaurant and food academy Crudescence, which promotes a raw food diet, has managed to give a very interesting visual representation of its healthy food and recipes, and illustrate its gardening tips. Visit their Pinterest page here.


Check out these other inspiring examples


Coca Cola


Harvard Business Voyages Bergeron Trudeau - Cuisine Club Monaco

Whole Foods VOX TV Drake University Kraft

Tips and tricks to optimize your presence on Pinterest


Listen and connect

In general, in the world of social media as in real life, it is recommended to not spam members of your community by only talking about yourself or your products. This rule of propriety also applies to Pinterest. Try to take an active part in the community, respond to comments (you will be pleasantly surprised by the reactions), be helpful and pay attention to others, contact members with whom you have common interests, spread content that reflects you you are and the values, the mission and culture of your company. Pinterest gives you the opportunity to understand your consumers: seize it! Re-posting the content of members you appreciate also is a great way to connect with them.


Your profile

Describe your business briefly in the About section. Add the URL of your website and Facebook and Twitter profiles. Promote your Pinterest account on other conversational platforms (like Facebook or Twitter) on which you are also active.

On your website, you can also add a button that redirects visitors to your Pinterest page, or add a Pin It button to your products and services pages.

Add a short text description of your products on shared images: according to Shopify, this brings more attention from your members.

Your pinboards

Develop a niche and become an expert in your field. Kraft Foods, for example, has a pinboard that only shows recipes containing peanut butter. Open the doors wide and show what goes on between your company’s walls, as it is done here, and as the Today Show does it here. You can, for instance, make a collection of videos related to your field of activity and your products. You can even include hashtags in your descriptions and give your product a better visibility on the Web.

Still hesitating? Not sure yet if this new platform is relevant? Then simply try Pinterest! In the next month, spend half an hour daily on it and follow the suggestions I gave you. Then you will know if it really can be useful for your business.

We at Yellow Pages Group also wanted to know if spending our time and energy on Pinterest was worth it. After a short discussion and some research, we decided to go for it! We seized the opportunity to show who we are, our vision, our products and what happens within our walls. And here's the result! Follow us!

What do you think? Leave us your comments and let us know if this post has helped you and why.

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