ShopWise: Behind the scenes of its success

ShopWise: Behind the scenes of its success

Shopwise has just been launched in French for the Québec market, providing me with the perfect opportunity to look back et the project when it all started, propelling mobile consumers into the era of smart shopping with this application. I'm very proud to have played a part in its creation and look forward to seeing it evolve over time, as we enhance it with new and innovative features.

Shopwise was created by local consumers, for local consumers. When our team deep dived into this project, no such app existed in Canada. We’ve let ourselves be guided by our own needs and expectations as consumers.

We realized quite rapidly that if we were to create a shopping app, above all else, it would have to save the consumers time and money. Apart from the technological considerations, it was this decisive factor that would dictate all of our choices from that point onward.

One of features we’ve considered was location-based push notifications. This great feature alerts consumers to great deals available within a short distance from them. Phone users can also create smart shopping lists that let them know if the products they want are on special at any nearby stores.

These notifications are extremely useful for people who have hectic schedules and don't have time to bargain hunt, like moms or overworked young professionals. This is why we chose to have an expectant mother star in our promotional video for Shopwise (watch the video below).

Shopwise is available for free from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or by visiting  No sooner had the app been released, rave reviews were pouring. Hundreds of users gave Shopwise an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, posting plenty of positive comments. Money just can't buy that kind of love, which means a lot to us. I think we owe this positive reception to our iterative process, which was centred on user needs.

At every stage in the project, we validated our choices with a group of average consumers: our colleagues from Yellow Pages Group. Many generously gave us a hand by providing valuable feedback based on their age and lifestyle. Inspired by start-ups, this agile approach enabled us to quickly reach our targets without losing sight of the end user's expectations.

Our team is incredibly proud of the success of this innovative app, which fits in perfectly with Yellow Pages Group's overall business strategy and digital transformation. For our advertisers, Shopwise offers further visibility and an opportunity to reach consumers on the go, at the very moment they are actively looking to buy. This app further bolsters our solid portfolio of mobile applications, which already accounts for 35% of business searches made though our digital platforms.

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