Top 5 ways Yellow Pages Group informs Canadians of its opt-out program

Top 5 ways Yellow Pages Group informs Canadians of its opt-out program

How do you look for the phone number of your local plumber? Is it on your mobile, on your computer or in the phone book?

As Canadians are now looking for information on local businesses and people in a variety of ways, YPG offers the choice to Canadians to opt-out of receiving the print directory. When launched in 2009, YPG was one of the first directory publishers internationally to offer such a program.

In a context where a majority of Canadians continue to use our print directory, one of our challenges is to inform online savvy Canadians that if they no longer need a print directory, they can opt-out. Here are the top 5 ways we are using to achieve this objective.

1) Call out on the cover of all our print directories

It was natural to start including a clear call out on the opt-out program on the cover of all Yellow PagesTM directories that we publish.

2) Twitter social media campaigns

Twitter has been a great tool to inform Canadians of their choice to opt-out in large cities. A few months before distribution in a particular city, we send a message via our corporate Twitter account and we encourage our municipal and environmental partners to re-tweet (or send similar messages) informing their residents and members of the program.

Last fall, our opt-out message went viral in Calgary generating 100 tweets in 48 hours. We estimate that close to 2000 residents opted-out because of the viral tweets.

3) Doorhanger reminders

As a pilot, YPG will distribute over 80,000 door hangers in select Montreal neighbourhoods this summer to remind residents that they have the choice to opt-out.


(only in french)

4) Facebook ad campaign

In April 2012, we launched a small ad campaign to inform Toronto residents about the upcoming opt-out program, targeting either Facebook users with interest in the mobile phone or the environment. We are currently scaling up a similar campaign in Montreal.

5) Our opt-out website is social media enabled

To sustain all the promotional efforts in informing residents of the opt-out program, we have added Facebook and Twitter widgets to our opt-out site, to help residents spread the news in their own communities.


For instance, on June 13th, 6 people tweeted the opt-out message with a total of 1189 followers while 15 people shared the information via Facebook.


6) Bonus - This blog post?

Maybe this blog post will help spread the word on our opt-out program! Indeed, if you no longer use one of our printed directories to find information on local products and services, do not hesitate to opt-out and spread the word in your network!

How do you opt-out? Visit

or contact Yellow Pages Group’s Distribution Call Centre at 1-800-268-5637.


  1. Michael


    I can never get rid of the paper book. I refuse to buy a cell phone so on line searches are out for me. A big advantage of the book is that it never runs out of power, cell phones do.

  2. Jean-Philippe Boutin

    Jean-Philippe Boutin


    Thanks for your comment.

    Yellow Pages Group’s objective with this program is simply to offer choice to Canadians about how the want to search for their local businesses be it online (on, via mobile (via our app) or with our trustworthy print directory. Indeed, 89% of Canadians have a Yellow PagesTM print directory at home!

  3. Roland


    I singed up my business last June and not one single call came out of Yellow Pages group. Waist of money Someone always has to pay for those adds, brings up the overhead and the costomers end up paying for it on the long run. Has not worked for us at all. Talk is cheap as they say action is what counts.

    • Zelia Lefebvre

      Zelia Lefebvre

      Hi Roland,

      Thanks for sharing the situation with us. We would gladly help. Would you like us to follow up with our team so they can look into the situation? You can send us your business information at this email:


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