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It’s hard to believe that we introduced, YPG’s public open-platform API, only 18 months ago. In a relatively short amount of time, we have built a strong community that embodies some of Canada’s most innovative and entrepreneurial talents, while providing added visibility to our advertisers. Without a doubt, since its initial launch in late 2010 has embodied Yellow Pages Group’s digital leadership and gained industry recognition.

Across Canada, hundreds of developers have signed up for our portal, and have been working tirelessly at developing their own mobile and web applications that stream Canada’s largest and most accurate local search content using our free API. So what have we been up to lately?

  • Launch of a redesigned website with improved resources, coding (known as “SDKs”) and tools for web and mobile apps
  • Launch of a “API Fanboy” blog to help keep in touch with developers
  • Signature of new data partnerships with global partners
  • Development of additional tools to facilitate even more the development of apps using our Places API


But to truly grasp our vision, it’s important to understand and reflect on what we’ve accomplished so far.

Some of our achievements so far:

  • Over 1,700 developers signed up to
  • Over 35 web and mobile applications that leverage Yellow Pages Group’s 1.5 million business listings and other rich multimedia data
  • Launch of the YellowAPI Developer Program that supports developers and fuels innovation
  • Funded and signed 6 Canadian start-ups, providing them with seed-funding and support to help design and market their web and mobile applications
  • Signing of Twitter data sharing agreement
  • Signing of foursquare data synchronization agreement


How do we show the love?

Through grassroots initiatives like Founder Fuel and HackDays, not only supports our national developer community by attending lots of conferences and sponsoring events like Founder Fuel’s accelerator program, but we also support “hackathons” where we put several tech geniuses to the test and encourage them to push their limits and show us what they’ve got.  This year we will continue our participation in “hackathons” in various Canadian cities by providing a free access to our Places API, as well as onsite support.


YellowAPI success stories

Check out some of our remarkable success stories and get inspired! Here are a few examples of apps and websites built with’s Places API....

1-     Yahoo! Canada Mobile ─ integrated’ Places API directly into their mobile web search portal.  Visit on your mobile device to see how it works.

2-     Iams Petfood ─ this mobile web application uses’s Places API to let the user search for anything dog-related that is nearby such as a veterinarian, pet stores, pet grooming or boarding services, dog parks, and much more.

3-     CBC ─ added a local web-only discovery feature to their site called “What’s Nearby?”, which, through’s Places API, exposes users to Canadian listings from coast-to-coast.


Some apps created from our Developer Program...

1-     Reservely – Quick online reservations with any restaurant in the world. The application will call the chosen restaurant and the system will send you a confirmation SMS.

2-     RendezView – Allowing two people to find the perfect place to meet. With a little info, RendezView will find all locations that match the search criteria that are ‘in-between’ the people.


3-     Finish My Basement – The first in a line of “Project Based” applications. It uses’s Places API dataset to pull the contractors and materials venders into an easy to use package to help Home Owners finish a basement renovation project.


What’s Next

In 2012, we’ll build on what we have accomplished to date and will provide even more value by supporting YPG’s ongoing digital transformation, unlocking opportunities for developers, by generating visibility for our advertisers and by powering millions of location based searches for Canadian consumers in some of the coolest and most innovative mobile and web applications.

So be on the lookout for future hackfests using’s Places API and stay tuned for our Deals API which we’ll be releasing in the coming months.

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    • Zelia Lefebvre

      Zelia Lefebvre

      In Canada, Siri does not provide results for business searches at this time. However we are always in discussion with Location Based Services like Siri, to use our data in Canada to power their local search results.

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